Moving Abroad: Safe Travels and Santiago de Querétaro

Yesterday Mom and Dad dropped me off at the Amtrak station in Milwaukee. I was on my way. 😀
img_2554_zps6037aae7img_2553_zps1694322bI spent two hours on a coach bus to Chicago O’Hare, then flew to Dallas/Fort Worth and finally Mexico City. I chew gum when I am bored or anxious. The pack was gone by the end of the day. Thanks again, Sue. 🙂

I read an interesting article on my Chicago flight. The topic was “TTS” or talking to strangers. They talked about how TTS can be beneficial when traveling and some people even travel for the sake of TTS. You learn a lot about people from different backgrounds when you are sitting next to them on a plane or bus. I could not agree more. Traveling is more than just the sights you see. On my flight to Mexico, I met a sweet girl named Zelva from Mexico City. She spent the time practicing her English, while I practiced my Spanish. After a long day of travel, we were both starving. She decided to go into her carry on luggage and shared a piece of homemade cake with me. 🙂

As far as travel hiccups, our plane arrived one hour late. Customs was also very slow. Because of this, I missed my 1 AM bus ride to Querétaro  and the next bus did not leave until 5:30 AM. I can not complain, since I made it here safe and sound!

After landing I decided to enjoy some steak tacos, while chatting with a cute surfer from New Zealand. 🙂 TTS has certainly worked out well so far.img_20140711_015316_508_zpsd68c902dFrom the airport in Mexico City, I took a bus to Santiago de Querétaro.

I’m staying at the Blue Bicycle House. Everyone here is very helpful and the interior is very trendy.

I found the hostel on Airbnb. They offer short-term housing options for every budget. This hostel was around $12/night. The indoor terrace is adorable and I believe I’m the only guest so far. The quiet atmosphere will make for a great night sleep, since I only slept 3 hours in the airport chair last night. Hah.

After checking in and dropping off my luggage, I decided to walk around the city. Querétaro has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO due to the cities preservation of churches, architecture and colonial streets. It is also very clean and safe. It has been raining on and off all day, so I could not take many pictures.
queretaroThe real purpose of this trip was to visit a school called Colegio Erik Erikson. I would like to teach at the school when I finish the CELTA course. Everyone was very friendly. Their approach to teaching is very casual and interactive. Today all the students presented their final semester projects. Their assignments included replicating works by Leonardo Da Vinci, public speeches in English, music concerts, and dancing. Here is one of the dance routines. SOO Adorable!

2 thoughts on “Moving Abroad: Safe Travels and Santiago de Querétaro

  1. Hi megan we are so happy you arrived safely. Sounds like you are having a great time so far. Loved seeing your pics. Glad the gum came in handy. We are in chicago and having a great we went to the aquarium and really enjoyed it. Also went on an architecture tour. We watched for you at the train station but missed you. Enjoy yourself. you sue and pat


  2. Hi Sue and Pat!
    So glad you are having a fun time in Chicago. I knew you would love the Shedd. The architecture tour sounds fantastic too! I found out that Coach is actually separate from Amtrak and the bus left from the corner of 4th and St. Paul near the station. That would probably be why we missed each other. I am having a great time so far. It has been another full day. Love you both!


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