Wonderful Wisconsin: Mini Microbrews and Bon Voyage Bloodies

I celebrated my last day in Milwaukee at Sobleman’s Pub and Grill. According to OnMilwaukee, this converted Schlitz tavern is home to the cities best bloody mary. Their signature drink “The Bloody Masterpiece” has 13 garnishes, including a cheeseburger slider.20140709_121316-e1404970019662My friend Angela ordered a similar bloody with bacon-wrapped jalapeño cheddar cheese curds. This lunch-in-a-glass was delicious and the bloody mary mix paired well with a Sprecher beer chaser. Sobleman’s on St. Paul is somewhat of a Milwaukee icon, so I was happy to spend my final day dining here.20140709_121435-1The rest of the afternoon was spent packing. According to weather.com, the temperature in Mexico City fluctuates greatly throughout the day. The temperature may rise to 80 degrees mid-day and fall into the high 50’s at night. This is due to the cities central location and proximity to the mountains. I will also be traveling there in the rainy season. For those reasons, I felt it was necessary to pack for all possible weather conditions.  Now my checked bag and carry on is jam-packed. Closing the zipper on each item reminded me of this clip from Tommy Boy. If I tried to shove any more items in there, it would probably bust. 🙂

After packing, we were able to enjoy some R&R as a family. I brought the inflatable mattress into the living room for a movie night  and sleepover. Now Dad, Mom and Ella are snoring away and I cannot sleep. 🙂 I am too excited. This will be my last pre-departure post since my flight leaves tomorrow. Stay tuned for my first post in Mexico. Adiós Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Wisconsin: Mini Microbrews and Bon Voyage Bloodies

  1. Have a safe flight. We are all thinking of you and hope your trip and arrival in Mexico City goes smoothly. We look forward to your upcoming blogs as you chronicle your adventures. Love Judy & Sue (and the rest of the family).


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