International House CELTA: Nerd Alert!

Today I have been getting organized. 🙂 I went to Target and purchased a lovely file folder in a pretty shade of green.

Instead of dividing the file sections into months, I have separate compartments for travel insurance paperwork with medical history, important identification records with copies, contact information, public transportation information, flight information, and school program paperwork. The folder also has a handy zipper compartment for pens and highlighters! I have NO SHAME in how nerdy this all sounds. Staying organized will be key for at least the first few days of travel. I also received two books in the mail from Amazon. YAY!

The first book, The Rough Guide to Mexico, will be a helpful travel tool when navigating the cities in Mexico. I chose this book in particular, because of the clear and detailed city maps. The second book, Practical English Usage, by Michael Swan is on the CELTA must-have list. The book focuses on grammatical usage, which any English speaker could benefit from and is especially helpful for a student planning on teaching English as a second language. I have a feeling like Mr. Swan and I will become very good friends in the next month.

With all this talk about proper English usage, I began to think about the  different ways I learned grammar rules as a child. The movie, “Schoolhouse Rock! – Grammar Rock”  came to mind. It may be the ULTIMATE nerd film, but it was a pretty effective teaching tool. Here is a clip from that film. Enjoy. 🙂

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