Moving Abroad: 25-Day Countdown

As an update, I’ve officially paid for the course. No turning back now. 🙂 Last week I went with Dad to get his FIRST passport. The last time he left the country was on his honeymoon in the Bahamas. He would like to visit me in Mexico, so this will be an adventure for him too. It was really convenient that you could receive an official birth certificate, take your passport photo, and apply for your passport at the courthouse downtown. It was a quick one-stop shop.
I’ve really been enjoying the past few weeks. I finished working two weeks ago so I would have plenty of time to prepare for the trip, as well as, take a few summer courses. I have so much planned with family and friends before I leave, which makes this month feel like a vacation. I’ve created a quasi bucket list of places in Wisconsin I’ve wanted to check out before I leave. Yesterday I spent the day in Madison with friends and now I’m spending today in Milwaukee with my parents at Polish Fest. Wisconsin has so much to offer during the summer and I don’t plan on missing out! 🙂

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