Moving Abroad: Beginning the ESL Venture

I hate to start a countdown so soon, but I am pretty excited to begin to this new venture. I named this site ESL Ventures, since I will be leaving the U.S. in a few months to begin my journey teaching English as a second language. Taking a look back, in January this year I suddenly realized I would finally be graduating with my Bachelor’s. It seemed surreal after so many years in college that this day was quickly approaching. Initially, I was excited and then I began to slightly panic. What would I do with this new degree? Should I start looking for a job? With a degree in International Studies and Economic Development, my gut instinct was to travel and work abroad.

After much investigation, I decided to teach English abroad. I loved teaching swim lessons in high school and I also loved the idea of helping out students in underdeveloped countries. Education is really a foundation for growth. I looked at many TEFL and TESL programs before coming across Cambridge CELTA. This program was developed by the University of Cambridge and is considered the most internationally recognized teaching training certificate. I WAS SOLD. Cambridge CELTA is offered at language schools and Universities worldwide, so my next step was to pick a school. For various reasons, I chose International House in Mexico City. With a population of OVER 20 MILLION people and more museums than any other city in the world, it seemed to offer a unique cultural experience. It also happens to be one of the best cities to eat amazing street food and a helpful place to practice my rusty Spanish. I completed the lengthy application process, which included challenging grammatical questions and interviewed with the school via Skype.

After a nerve-wracking interview, I received an email that I was ACCEPTED. 😀 Leading up until today, I have ended my apartment lease, sold the majority of my furniture on Craigslist and have started reading a few ESL teaching training books. I think these last few months before I leave will be important to chronicle. I am using this blog to show family and friends my ESL journey, as well as, any other recent graduates who are looking to teach abroad.

One thought on “Moving Abroad: Beginning the ESL Venture

  1. Thanks for the Follow Megan! Let me know when you get to Mexico City, i’d be happy to show you around! It’s an exciting place to be! Safe Travels!


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